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Can Dillon Roofing Companies Deal with Flashing Damage?

Home Grown Roofing Dillon Roofers
Home Grown Roofing Dillon Roofers

If you spent some time researching local roofing solutions, you already know that Dillon roofing companies will typically follow a systematic approach to deal with flashing damage. Many of their local clients can tell you that professional Dillon roofers are extremely efficient at managing every aspect of flashing repair and replacement, and can also think outside the box when it comes to dealing with unexpected problems.

The experts will first go through the process of thoroughly inspecting the flashing to assess the extent of the damage. Common causes could include age-related deterioration, improper installation, severe weather conditions, as well as other factors. Understanding the cause helps roofers address the root issue and prevent further damage.

Based on the assessment, the roofing expert will decide whether to repair or replace the damaged flashing. If the damage is minor and localized, repairs may be sufficient. However, extensive or severe damage often requires complete replacement of the flashing.

If the decision is to replace the flashing, the damaged sections need to be carefully removed. This may involve prying up the old flashing, removing fasteners, and cleaning the area to ensure a smooth surface for the new installation.

Your Dillon roofing expert will cut new flashing materials to the appropriate size and shape, ensuring that they fit snugly and provide a watertight seal. The type of flashing used will depend on the specific requirements of the roof and the area being addressed.

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