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Why Should You Consider Remodeling Your Roof.

Remodeling your Roof

Remodeling your Roof – Although the roof on your home can last for many years, there might come a time when it’s time for a replacement or an upgrade. A new roof can be part of an overall home renovation project, or it can be a stand-alone remodeling project. As you look for roofing companies in Colorado to hire for your roof remodel, it can be helpful to consider the benefits of a renovation and what it can mean for your home.

Curb Appeal – To Improve the Look of Your Roof and Home

One major reason for remodeling your roof, such as a roof remodel or replacement, is that it can increase the appearance of your home dramatically. Many people talk a lot about curb appeal when it comes to homes.
Curb appeal is about much more than a few flowers or a carefully painted door – it can make the difference in selling and valuing your home.

Your home’s roof plays a HUGE role when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. If it’s dirty, worn out, or if there are areas where shingles are missing, this will dramatically lower the appeal of your home. While you might think that the roof only makes up a small part of the house, it is one of the MOST VISIBLE aspects of the exterior of your home.

Fixing up the roof by replacing old and tired shingles or tiles with new ones or by replacing the entire roof will do a lot to improve the overall appearance of your property. You might decide to change the type of material used on your roof to boost its overall appearance. For example, you can have the experts at HomeGrown Roofing and Contracting install architectural shingles instead of three-tab shingles to create a roof with greater visual appeal. Another option is to replace worn-out shingles with a metal roof or to try installing a tile roof to give your home a classic, elegant style.

Not just Fashion – but Improve the Roofs Function as well

Your roof does more than make your home look good. The roof of your home keeps out moisture, heat, cold, and sunlight. Residential roof repair allows your roof to continue to do its job. Patching up damaged shingles or cracked tiles will help the roof keep moisture out of the inside of your home. Fixing up the roof will also keep critters from making a nest in your home’s attic.

In windswept Colorado and the Front Range, roofing services are often needed after a storm. It can be a good idea to call in a certified roofing inspector to take a look at your roof after a strong storm or hail, especially if you can see signs of damage from the exterior of the house or when you look up at the ceiling inside the home. Remodeling, repairing, or replacing your roof before the next big storm might also be a great idea if you’ve had storm damage in the past.

The quality of your roof can also help to protect your family’s health. When a roof lets moisture into your home, there’s an increased risk of mold growth. Mold growth or even just high levels of humidity inside the home can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma. Getting a new, improved roof can help protect and preserve your family’s health.

Lower Your Home Energy Bills – Save $ by remodeling your roof

The average of 300 days of Sunshine in Colorado can mean that you run your home’s air conditioner more than the average person. Keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summer heat doesn’t have to mean high utility bills, though. Improving your roof can help to reduce your home energy use, leading to lower bills.

The type of material you choose for your new roof can directly affect your energy bills. Some roofing materials are designed to be more eco-friendly than others. They reflect light and heat, keeping it from being absorbed by the roofing materials. When picking a new roof, keep in mind how the color of the roof can affect its ability to reflect or absorb heat. Usually, lighter colors are more reflective than darker colors. They can help to keep your home cooler.

Getting a new roof on your home can also help to lower your energy bills by improving the building envelope. Depending on the state of your current roof, it might not be doing the best job when it comes to insulating your home and keeping the heat out. A better sealed and insulated roof will help to keep your family comfortable and your energy bills manageable.

Boost the Value of Your Home –  for Resale or to Keep It

Even if you don’t have plans to sell your home soon, it can still be helpful to think about your roof remodel in terms of how it will improve the value of your home. A roof replacement tends to have a high return on investment for homeowners, helping to increase the sale price and value of their property. Even if you plan on staying in your home for several more years, a roof remodel or replacement now could mean better offers and more demand for your home if you decide to sell in the future.

Although remodeling a roof might not be as exciting as renovating a kitchen or upgrading a bathroom, it does offer a mix of form and function. Potential buyers are going to be looking for a home with a roof that not only looks good, but that’s also able to keep out rain, protect the home from wind, and provide insulation.

Considering a Roof Remodel – or want to look at the possibilities? The Experts at Home Grown Roofing and Contracting are ready to talk to you today, or you can check out the many other blog posts on our website. Schedule an appointment to get an assessment, or give us a call today at 303-997-3976.

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