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Should You Install Metal Roofs Over Shingles?

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When it comes to your roof, you need to have the best quality materials for it to be kept in top shape. You might not be aware of what goes on over your head, but it’s always important to check your roof’s conditions now and then. Even though you might be content with a fine overlay of shingles now, perhaps it’s best to consider other options! In this case, the best option for your roof might be a metal roofing. 

There’s no denying that shingles offer a protective layer on your roof, making it sturdier and more durable to defend against external forces and elements. But having a metal roof not only provides an added layer of protection, but it’s also great for aesthetic appeal. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of having metal roofs! 

Is it possible to install metal roofs over shingles?

Yes, it is possible to install a metal roofing over your current shingles. But you need to check with the local building department first. Some rules only allow a re-roof over a single layer of shingles. So, you must check to see if your area is an exception to that rule. However, we recommend tearing the roof off all the way down to the deck. That way we can make sure that it has a solid substrate and use underlayment.

What are the advantages of metal roofs over shingles?

The advantages of metal roofs trump the disadvantages, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to have one installed for your roof. There are advantages to having a metal roofing, but we can list a couple more if you choose to have metal roofs installed over your shingles. Below, you’ll find these crucial points:

  • They’ve become more popular because of their longevity and curb appeal. 
  • They last longer than shingles. 
  • They withstand all weather conditions to keep your home safe, dry, and comfortable. 
  • They can resist fire. 
  • They come in different colors and finishes. 
  • They improve a home’s energy efficiency thanks to their ability to reflect solar radiant heat, reducing the costs of cooling by 10 to 25%.  

Those are the advantages of having a metal roofing. But if you decide to install metal roofs over your existing shingles, you can cut back on the labor costs. This is because it’s significantly cheaper to fix them than to rip off the shingles and throw them away into landfills. Moreover, they provide an extra layer of protection for your home, ensuring that your home will last longer.

What are the disadvantages of metal roofs over shingles?

If there are advantages, then there are also significant disadvantages when it comes to a metal roofing over shingles. So, before you come in terms with your decision, it’s best to know the cons:

  • They’re more expensive to install because of their durability and increased value over time. 
  • They’re noisier, especially during the rain and hail season, as the debris will bounce off the metal. 
  • You can add a layer of soundproof insulation over the metal roof, but this will add to your expense list. 

What should you do before installing a metal roof over your shingles?

Here are a few things you need to get done before the installation:

  • Check for any existing roof leaks. 
  • Replace rotten sheeting or rafters. 
  • Examine if there is too much weight on your roof, as displayed by a sagging decking or buckling tresses. 

What are a few things you need to know when installing metal roofing over shingles?

Once your mind has been made up about installing a metal roof, then make sure to read on the following essential details:

  • Manufacturer specifications and warranty

Make sure to buy the best product within your budget and to follow the requirements of the manufacturer. 

  • Metal roofing over shingles condensation

Condensation can damage your roof’s quality if you don’t correctly lay the steel flat on a vapor barrier. 

  • Fastener application

Apply the same specifications as stated by your manufacturer on your screws when installing the roof. 

  • Trimming

The edges of the metal roof must be wrapped with flashing. This helps prevent damage from the rain, wind, and snow. 

  • Safety measures

Always wear safety gloves when installing the metal roof and do it on a clear, sunny day.

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