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When to Hire a Frisco Roofing Company for Maintenance

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Your roof, perched atop your home like a steadfast sentinel, takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s whims. While it dutifully guards your sanctuary from rain, sun, and snow, it is not invincible. Like any hero, it requires a little help now and then. But when is the right time to signal the bat-signal for a Frisco roofing company to swoop in and save the day? Let’s decode the roof maintenance riddle and uncover the signs that your roofing needs professional attention from a professional roofer like Home Grown Roofing & Contracting.

The “sloping shingles shuffle”

When your shingles start doing the “sloping shingles shuffle,” it is time to act. Curling, cracked, or missing shingles are like a fashion faux pas for your roof, and they need a makeover.

Guttering glitches

A clogged gutter is a bit like a traffic jam on your roof’s highway. When leaves, debris, or even an errant squirrel create guttering glitches, it is time for a clean-up party.

Attic antics

If your attic starts showing signs of water damage, you discovered a “leak in your boat”. Water stains and a musty smell are your signals to call the professionals and plug those leaks.

Flashlight fiascos

If you notice daylight peeking through your roof, you have got a “flashlight fiasco” on your hands. This means there are gaps or holes in your roof, and it is time to address them.

Age-related ailments

As your roof gets older, it is prone to more and more age-related ailments. If it has seen a few too many birthdays, it might be time for a professional assessment. Think of it as a check-up for your roof’s golden years.

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